Click here to download just the demo.

Click here to download both the demo and the source code.

Scrolling background with symbols fading in and out.
Moby's fractal tree builds, sways, and blows apart in the wind.
Title graphic by Perisoft. But wait...

...that's right, the "O" in "Node" is just of many spheres.
As the background appears, "Coma" is shadowed.
The screen breaks apart.

Spinning particle fountains fly across the screen.
A sphere, with spheres, with spheres, with even more spheres.
The cubes display what you are seeing. Mobydisk's visual recursion!
The routine that start the demo making, Mobydisk's mother board fly by.
Our credits on the north-bridge chip.

Particles fly out of the socket.

The chip drops and an image burns through. (1-D textures rock!)
The group's logo finishes appearing and that's it.
i'll try a byte of something else...